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starting your embroidery

1. SEPARATE YOUR HOOPS: Loosen the screw at the top of your hoop and separate the inner ring from the outer ring.

hoops separate.jpg

2. PLACE FABRIC IN HOOP: Place the inner ring on a flat surface and rest the fabric on top, with the image centered (use the black circle on the fabric as a guide). Place the outer ring over the fabric and press until it fits around the fabric and inner ring. Begin to tighten the screw so that the fabric is taut inside the hoop (don’t over stretch the fabric so that the image looks distorted). You should have a nice smooth surface to begin your stitches.

3. SEPARATE YOUR STRANDS: Each DMC floss is made up of 6 individual strands of thread. Split each DMC floss into the number of strands noted in each section of your kit instructions.

4.STARTING YOUR THREAD: Thread the correct amount of strands through the eye of your needle and create a double knot at the other end of your thread.

5. FINISHING YOUR THREAD: When you get to the end of each thread, you can either tie a knot in the back of your fabric or weave your thread back and forth through the back of a few stitches.