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woven spider web stitch

Welcome to our video stitch tutorial.


This is the perfect hand embroidery tutorial for beginners, those needing a little brush-up, and for those wanting to explore different tricks and techniques. This stitch can be a little temperamental, but don't fear! It isn't difficult, it just requires a little more attention and a slower pace. Below are a few extra tips to create perfect woven spider web stitches: 

**First, have patience and stitch slowly.**

**A great trick is to add a single anchor stitch after each round (this will help prevent your weave from pulling out of place after all your hard work).**

**If you run out of thread while you are weaving, simply end your thread at one of the spokes. Come up and continue weaving with a new thread in the same spot that you finished (remember to keep your pattern consistent - weaving over and under each spoke).**


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